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Steven Whiteley          Steven WhiteleyPro-Mod 2015 NHRA top 15 Points Finish - 1-Event Top Qualifier - 1 Event Runner-up Jason Rupert          Jason RupertIHRA 5 Time World Nitro Funny Car Champion Ron Gledhill          Ron GledhillTop Fuel Harley Jim Whiteley          Jim WhiteleyNHRA 2012,2013 TAD World Champion Gary Mink          Gary MinkSand Drag Alcohol Dragster - 2015 SCSDA March Event Champion Mike Janis          Mike JanisPro Mod 2015 NHRA Points Runner Up - 2015 2 Event Wins - 1 Event Runner-up Jim Whiteley          Jim WhiteleyPro-Mod 2015 NHRA top 15 Points Finish - 1 Event Runner-up Annie Whiteley          Annie WhiteleyWest Region 2015 NHRA TAFC Champion and 3rd National Points Finish - Mike Knowles          Mike KnowlesPro-Mod - NHRA 2015 - 1 Event Win "Big Daddy" Don Garlits          "Big Daddy" Don GarlitsLawless Powered Electric Dragster - 200 MPH Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett Batemen          Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett BatemenAA/BGC Bonneville record to 241.592 mph in Paul Ogden's 1968 twin turbo stock-bodied Barracuda. Frankie Silva          Frankie SilvaAA/Fuel Blown Lakester Dennis Habermann          Dennis HabermannTMD - 2015 IRA European Top Methanol Dragster Champion Randy Bradford          Randy BradfordClassic Fueled Altered John Beck          John BeckF/BSTR -El Mirage Record 200.997 MPH Ron Hope          Ron HopeClassic Fueled Altered Larry "Spiderman" McBride          Larry "Spiderman" McBride10-Time Top Fuel Motorcycle World Champion Doug Gordon          Doug GordonTAFC 2015 NHRA 4th National - 1 National Event win - 3 National Event Runner-ups Danny Thompson          Danny ThompsonStreamliner Challenger II Landspeed Records Rob Ambruosi          Rob AmbruosiAustralian TAFC Racer Rex Svoboda          Rex SvobodaA BFCC SAAB - Landspeed Record Car Chet Thomas          Chet ThomasAA/STR - El Mirage Record 211.717 MPH Shawn Cowie          Shawn CowieTAD NHRA 2015 1 National Even Runner-up 1 Regional Event Win and 1 Regional Event Runner-up Joey Severance          Joey Severance2015 NHRA TAD World Champion and NHRA TAD West Region Champion Treit - Davenport          Treit - DavenportAA/BFS - Target Speed 550 MPH Ray Martin          Ray MartinPro-Mod Paul Romine          Paul RomineNostalgia AA/FC "ManO'War" JP Gutierrez          JP GutierrezTAD Jirka Kaplan          Jirka KaplanTAFC Dave Davidson          Dave DavidsonC Blown Fuel Roadster - Holds Landspeed Record in A Blown Fuel Roadster. Nov 2015 Set Top Speed At El Mirage Dry Lakes meet 277.675MPH Fastest since 1991 Jamie Noonan          Jamie NoonanAustralian TAD ET & MPH Record Holder Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff  Strasburg          Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff StrasburgAA/Fuel Blown Lakester - Bonneville Landspeed Record: 337.043 MPH Jay Turner          Jay Turner2015 IHRA Top Fuel Motorcycle World Champion Timo Habermann          Timo HabermannTMD - IRA European Top Methanol Dragster ET/MPH Record holder Frank and Debra Ousley          Frank and Debra OusleyNostalgia AA/FC "The Crop Duster" Lance Van Hauen          Lance Van HauenTAFC Eric Eoff          Eric EoffNostalgia AA/FC "SHAZAM!" Jarid "The Ironman" Vollmer          Jarid "The Ironman" VollmerBully Dog - Diesel Pro Street - NHRDA National ET and MPH Record holder - NHRDA 2014,2015 Pro Street World Champion John Zappia          John ZappiaAustralian T/D ET Record Holder, 8 Time Back to Back Top Doorslammer Champion Jim Holtz          Jim HoltzAA/FA Steven WhiteleyPro-Mod 2015 NHRA top 15 Points Finish - 1-Event Top Qualifier - 1 Event Runner-up
Steven Whiteley Jason Rupert Ron Gledhill Jim Whiteley Gary Mink Mike Janis Jim Whiteley Annie Whiteley Mike Knowles "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett Batemen Frankie Silva Dennis Habermann Randy Bradford John Beck Ron Hope Larry "Spiderman" McBride Doug Gordon Danny Thompson Rob Ambruosi Rex Svoboda Chet Thomas Shawn Cowie Joey Severance Treit - Davenport Ray Martin Paul Romine JP Gutierrez Jirka Kaplan Dave Davidson Jamie Noonan Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff  Strasburg Jay Turner Timo Habermann Frank and Debra Ousley Lance Van Hauen Eric Eoff Jarid "The Ironman" Vollmer John Zappia Jim Holtz