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Larry "Spiderman" McBride          Larry "Spiderman" McBride10-Time Top Fuel Motorcycle World Champion Treit - Davenport          Treit - DavenportAA/BFS - Target Speed 550 MPH Jirka Kaplan          Jirka KaplanTAFC Dennis Habermann          Dennis HabermannTMD - 2015 IRA European Top Methanol Dragster Champion Paul Romine          Paul RomineNostalgia AA/FC "ManO'War" Chet Thomas          Chet ThomasAA/STR - El Mirage Record 211.717 MPH Jim Holtz          Jim HoltzAA/FA Joey Severance          Joey Severance2015 NHRA TAD World Champion and NHRA TAD West Region Champion Eric Eoff          Eric EoffNostalgia AA/FC "SHAZAM!" Timo Habermann          Timo HabermannTMD - IRA European Top Methanol Dragster ET/MPH Record holder Ron Hope          Ron HopeClassic Fueled Altered Rex Svoboda          Rex SvobodaA BFCC SAAB - Landspeed Record Car Jay Turner          Jay Turner2015 IHRA Top Fuel Motorcycle World Champion Steven Whiteley          Steven WhiteleyPro-Mod 2015 NHRA top 15 Points Finish - 1-Event Top Qualifier - 1 Event Runner-up Frank and Debra Ousley          Frank and Debra OusleyNostalgia AA/FC "The Crop Duster" Rob Ambruosi          Rob AmbruosiAustralian TAFC Racer JP Gutierrez          JP GutierrezTAD Ray Martin          Ray MartinPro-Mod Jim Whiteley          Jim WhiteleyPro-Mod 2015 NHRA top 15 Points Finish - 1 Event Runner-up Shawn Cowie          Shawn CowieTAD NHRA 2015 1 National Even Runner-up 1 Regional Event Win and 1 Regional Event Runner-up Jarid "The Ironman" Vollmer          Jarid "The Ironman" VollmerBully Dog - Diesel Pro Street - NHRDA National ET and MPH Record holder - NHRDA 2014,2015 Pro Street World Champion Frankie Silva          Frankie SilvaAA/Fuel Blown Lakester Doug Gordon          Doug GordonTAFC 2015 NHRA 4th National - 1 National Event win - 3 National Event Runner-ups Mike Janis          Mike JanisPro Mod 2015 NHRA Points Runner Up - 2015 2 Event Wins - 1 Event Runner-up Danny Thompson          Danny ThompsonStreamliner Challenger II Landspeed Records Annie Whiteley          Annie WhiteleyWest Region 2015 NHRA TAFC Champion and 3rd National Points Finish - Jamie Noonan          Jamie NoonanAustralian TAD ET & MPH Record Holder Mike Knowles          Mike KnowlesPro-Mod - NHRA 2015 - 1 Event Win Gary Mink          Gary MinkSand Drag Alcohol Dragster - 2015 SCSDA March Event Champion "Big Daddy" Don Garlits          "Big Daddy" Don GarlitsLawless Powered Electric Dragster - 200 MPH Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett Batemen          Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett BatemenAA/BGC Bonneville record to 241.592 mph in Paul Ogden's 1968 twin turbo stock-bodied Barracuda. Dave Davidson          Dave DavidsonC Blown Fuel Roadster - Holds Landspeed Record in A Blown Fuel Roadster. Nov 2015 Set Top Speed At El Mirage Dry Lakes meet 277.675MPH Fastest since 1991 Jim Whiteley          Jim WhiteleyNHRA 2012,2013 TAD World Champion Jason Rupert          Jason RupertIHRA 5 Time World Nitro Funny Car Champion John Zappia          John ZappiaAustralian T/D ET Record Holder, 8 Time Back to Back Top Doorslammer Champion John Beck          John BeckF/BSTR -El Mirage Record 200.997 MPH Lance Van Hauen          Lance Van HauenTAFC Randy Bradford          Randy BradfordClassic Fueled Altered Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff  Strasburg          Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff StrasburgAA/Fuel Blown Lakester - Bonneville Landspeed Record: 337.043 MPH Ron Gledhill          Ron GledhillTop Fuel Harley Larry "Spiderman" McBride10-Time Top Fuel Motorcycle World Champion
Larry "Spiderman" McBride Treit - Davenport Jirka Kaplan Dennis Habermann Paul Romine Chet Thomas Jim Holtz Joey Severance Eric Eoff Timo Habermann Ron Hope Rex Svoboda Jay Turner Steven Whiteley Frank and Debra Ousley Rob Ambruosi JP Gutierrez Ray Martin Jim Whiteley Shawn Cowie Jarid "The Ironman" Vollmer Frankie Silva Doug Gordon Mike Janis Danny Thompson Annie Whiteley Jamie Noonan Mike Knowles Gary Mink "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Owner: Paul Ogden Driver - Garrett Batemen Dave Davidson Jim Whiteley Jason Rupert John Zappia John Beck Lance Van Hauen Randy Bradford Owners: Wolfe Strasburg Hiltunen - Driver: Jeff  Strasburg Ron Gledhill