Quick Drive - Converter Drives

When it is time to say goodbye to broken powerglide's. Its time to say  hello to the B&J Racing Transmissions Coverter Drive.

With horsepower increasing in the bracket classes, and quicker brackets on the horizon, switch out to a B&J Converter Drive unit and end the days of broken powerglides. Air activated trans brake units to keep consistent leaves independent of the fluid temperature. The 7 disc trans-brake clutch pack has the holding capacity of 2500 ft-lbs. CO2 transbrake system has 24 millisecond release with less than 1 millisecond variation in 500 cycles. Available with many input shaft options including the 1" C6 M300 shaft and for the ultimate in strength, the super-duty maraging 1.25" shaft. Also available with sprag unitto freewheel in case of breakage or in the shutdown. (Sprag clutch is rated to 2863ft-lbs for 50,000 cycles, or 1684 ft-lbs for 1,000,000 cycles!!) Made in the USA.

For the ultimate in durability, back the quick drive unit with a B&J Big Boy three speed. This type of setup is completely capable of continuous 5 second runs.All this for less than a 'top of the line' powerglide and a quality spare. (The B&J converter drive is not part of the transmission, and thus has almost any gear ratio option available.)